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Mold RemovalRichmond Mold Remediation provides peace of mind for their customers. By removing mold from the home, we are taking the threat out of the home making it more comfortable to live and breathe. If you have mold and want it gone by professionals, call us. You’ll be making the move in the right direction by keeping your family safe and free of the fungus.

Highland Springs Mold Inspection

What’s a mold inspection you ask? A mold inspection is when we come to your home to look for the growth. It has been known to fester in dark damp areas. We’re qualified mold inspectors who have formal training and experience.

Common reasons for mold inspections:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Verify source of moisture
  • Verify there is no existing mold in new construction

It’s vital that the mold inspection look for the source. Sure you can temporarily rid your home or office building of mold, but unless you get to the main source, it will return. For a guarantee that it won’t come back, call the removal experts.

Highland Springs Mold Removal

Highland Springs mold removal can take care of your home leaving it mold free. After an inspection of your home, we’ll start by tackling any leak problems. By getting to the main root of the cause, we can make sure that the mold never grows back.

Health complications have been known to derive from some types of mold, not all. Just because there’s mold in the home does not make it deadly although you should want to eliminate it. Health complications such as sneezing and watery eyes are very common.

Your mold problem might be visible and accessible to plain site or it may be hidden. Hidden mold is the problem that a lot of homeowners face. It is a silent killer in so many homes and unless you have an inspection done, there will be no way to find out if you have toxic mold or not.

Highland Springs Mold Remediation

Is there a foul smell of mold lingering throughout your home? Garages, basements and bathrooms are breeding grounds for mold because it loves to grow in dark moist areas. If you have mold that’s hidden away in your home, it’s time for mold remediation.

In our remediation process, we take a detailed look at the home and test any mold we find. It lives in places that you never thought possible. It may even be in your kitchen! If you have suffered through a flood recently or have water leaks, you may have mold.

Richmond Mold Remediation are the guys you can depend on for remediation and removal services. Let us get your life back to normal and the threat of mold away from your home.

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